Game and category Rank Time Version Date Status  
Mega Man 6 Any%5438:18 NES07/12/2016      
Mega Man 8 Any% Buster Only (Saturn)21:11:09Saturn04/04/2017      
Mega Man 8 Any% (Saturn)154:07Saturn07/16/2016      
Mega Man 8 40 Bolts (Saturn)11:10:11 Saturn04/01/2017      
Mega Man 8 40 Bolts21:03:23 PS1 (FDS)07/15/2016      
Mega Man 8 Any%351:10 PS1 (FDS)06/29/2016   5   
Rockman & Forte Any% (Forte)1042:24SNES06/30/2015      
Mega Man X6 All Stages Unarmored X431:43 (IGT)PS105/03/2016      
Mega Man Zero 3 Any%2551:11Emulator10/05/2015   1   
Mega Man Network Transmission Any%357:43 GC 01/03/2017      
Mega Man Battle Network 5 Any% No ASE w/ Peripherals (ProtoMan)23:40:45GBA 08/02/2019      
Mega Man Battle Network 6 Any% (Gregar)152:26:53 GB Player 11/05/2015      
Mega Man Star Force 1 Any%32:51:11 Emulator Wii U VC09/15/2016   1   
Mega Man Star Force 2 Any% No Wave Command Codes22:43:59 Emulator Wii U VC12/29/2016      
Mega Man Star Force 2 Any%102:11:29 Emulator Wii U VC09/03/2016   1   
Mega Man Star Force 3 Any% No Kaizou Gear22:26:49Emulator Wii U VC09/22/2016   1   
Mega Man Star Force 3 Any% Kaizou Gear22:17:23 Emulator Wii U VC09/18/2016      
Rokko Chan Any%1223:23 (IGT)PC09/22/2014      
Mega Man Legends 2 Any% Normal (PSP)51:44:00 (IGT)PSTV06/01/2015      
Mega Man X Collection Mega Man X3 (Any%)931:53 Saturn11/18/2015      
Mega Man AC Mega Man 8 (Any%)151:56 Xbox07/10/2016      
The Misadventures of Tron Bonne Any% Scout (PlayStation)631:33 (IGT)PS111/17/2015