What is this site?

It's the Mega Man RTA (Real Time Attack) Leaderboards!

How does it work?

What user levels are there?

How do I become a trusted user or game moderator?

Trusted users are members of the community that are known to contribute and be.. well.. trusted. If you are interested in volunteering to help verify runs you can ask either an admin or moderator to nominate you. You must join the MMRTA Discord server.
Moderators are typically long term runners of the game in question and have in depth knowledge of all the categories of that game. Get in touch with an admin if you believe you can take on the responsibility of answering questions and maintaining your game.

Why isn't my time on the jumbotron?

The jumbotron shows the latest (verified) times that are close enough to the record. You can find a list of required times here.

Who should I blame when the site doesn't work, or something is missing?

If you have a problem with a certain game, you should try to contact one of the game moderators first.
If you have a request or a bug report, you can contact anyone of the admins via the Discord server
Here is a complete list of admins and moderators.