Rank Runner Time Version Date Status  
1yumiao 47:47 Emulator Mesen11/26/2022      
2lianermiao 48:16 Emulator fceuxN/A      
3ChivalrousHeart 49:13Emulator Mesen01/10/2023      
4Baddap1 49:32Emulator EverDrive09/27/2019      
5xuelian 53:56Emulator Mesen02/22/2021      
6strizer86 54:30 Emulator Everdrive12/12/2020      
7PTbrother 54:36 Emulator fceux 2.402/03/2024      
8NightEarl 56:57 Emulator FCEUX 2.2.302/17/2021      
9laoqi58:10Emulator FCEUX03/27/2020   1   
10infinitemystery 1:07:54Emulator everdrive04/23/2019   1   
11PeterAfro 1:08:46 Emulator fceux 12/21/2018      
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