Rank Runner Real Time Game Time Version Date Status  
1StarvinStruthers 8:407:31 PC01/08/2017      
2Auchgard 9:287:34.93 PC01/17/2017      
3Zulice 8:307:503DS Virtual ConsoleN/A      
4McBobX 9:108:11 PC11/16/2016      
5kobepilgrim 9:09.688:23.98 PC08/23/2016      
6KennyMan6669:118:313DS Virtual ConsoleN/A    
7TheMinishZest9:569:033DS Virtual ConsoleN/A    
8BrokenTurtle410:209:403DS Virtual ConsoleN/A    
9Kiwami 9:55.35PC Steam12/04/2018      
10SilenceErupts12:1611:363DS Virtual ConsoleN/A    
11MHFsilver 16:1915:393DS Virtual ConsoleN/A    
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