Rank Runner Real Time Game Time Version Date Status  
1Jugoomba1:48:181:44:00Game Boy Player 05/04/2022      
2Komari226 1:51:451:48:00Emulator BizHawk v2.4.203/09/2022      
3Risch 1:57:161:53:00Emulator Bizhawk07/27/2020      
4braster 2:00:46 1:57:00Wii U Virtual Console 04/27/2019      
5Erothaur 2:02:05 1:58:00Emulator BizHawk06/18/2018      
6candydrop2:06:07 2:01:00Wii U Virtual Console 11/01/2018    
7Metaruler2:15:36 2:12:00Emulator BizHawk v2.6.303/06/2022      
8YukkiEXE 2:38:35 2:33:00Emulator BizHawk01/11/2017      
9KyrieZee 2:38:55 Emulator 09/24/2015      
10SunsetBlade 3:16:00EmulatorN/A    
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