For all multigame runs:

Only game time will be counted with a max game swap time of 60 seconds allowed between games. Anything over this will be counted against the run. For any run submitted over 6 hours, a 10 minute break will be allowed in place of one of the minute game swaps (and another every 6 hours thereafter). Runs will be sorted by game time and real time is highly preferred to also be filled in when submit.

This is to allow for an even playing field between console and emulator users, and to not rush people during the game swap which could be a hazard to hardware. It also gives a break for personal upkeep during longer runs. The idea is to keep things fast paced and still be reasonable physically. You are allowed to not utilize the entire 60 seconds (or 10 minute if applicable) game swap. This neither hurts nor helps your end time.



If you have any questions or concerns, please join the Mega Man Leaderboards Discord.