Rank Runner Real Time Game Time Version Date Status  
1LVCreed 20:50 PC v1.1102/22/2019      
2svq1788 20:52 PC 1.1101/09/2024   4   
2Zecks 20:52 PC03/29/2015   11   
4Hotarubi 20:55PCN/A    
7pui 21:24PCN/A    
8Ohon 21:25PCN/A    
9RollBuster 21:50PC12/01/2014      
10Lindarth 22:07PC 1.1109/25/2023      
11snapcase 22:59PC10/24/2015      
12CupNoodle 23:23 PC12/11/2015      
12plum 23:23PC09/22/2014      
14kurro 23:37PC 1.1108/31/2020   1   
15PeterAfro 23:41 PC 1.1110/15/2019      
16necromancia88 23:5223:53 PC PC09/27/2017      
17Metanightmare22 23:55PC11/24/2013      
19Primal85 24:43PC11/22/2013      
20doicm 24:44PC11/22/2013      
21SupShadow 24:5624:58 PC05/19/2017      
23Lacey 33:1833:05 PC02/12/2017      
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