Rank Runner Real Time Game Time Version Date Status  
1sukimos 58:13 42:55PC XLC206/20/2020      
2rockman216 58:2643:42PC XLC208/22/2020      
3Focus 1:00:00 45:06PC XLC202/14/2021      
4TimeLink 1:01:04 45:09Nintendo Switch09/17/2020      
5Ppotdot1 1:02:08 47:27PC Steam08/21/2018   1   
6metapod 1:05:08 49:52PC XLC201/21/2021      
7Grega 1:08:35.7852:30Nintendo Switch07/31/2020      
8orsa 1:09:2753:07PC Steam08/18/2018      
9StarForce 1:11:13 55:06PC X Legacy Collection 209/27/2020      
10CptAbearica 1:12:0854:50PC04/03/2014      
11Coltaho 1:12:36 PC Steam03/22/2020      
128BitIsGr8 1:13:4055:24PC Steam05/05/2020      
13zeromodoki 1:18:451:02:57PC Steam11/15/2020      
14PeterAfro 1:22:35 PC korean10/12/2020   1   
15khanster786 1:23:26PlayStation 408/09/2018      
16necromancia88 1:25:40PC11/16/2013      
17strizer86 1:26:48PlayStation 408/12/2018      
18mrcab 1:49:17 PlayStation 403/31/2020      
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