Game and category Rank Time Version Date Status  
Mega Man All stages6421:18 Emulator FCEUX 2.2.206/13/2018   1   
Mega Man 2 Any% (Normal)10431:28 Emulator FCEUX09/11/2016      
Mega Man 3 Any%3736:26 Emulator FCEUX01/29/2017      
Mega Man 4 Any%3239:04 Emulator FCEUX 2.2.206/02/2020      
Mega Man 5 Any%433:34 Emulator FCEUX 2.2.207/03/2021   1   
Mega Man 5 Any% (Buster only)1653:19 Emulator FCEUX04/28/2015      
Mega Man 6 Any%233:34 Emulator FCEUX 2.2.206/01/2018   9   
Mega Man 6 100%235:45 Emulator FCEUX12/06/2016      
Mega Man 6 Any% (Power-suit only)349:40 Emulator FCEUX12/05/2015   2   
Mega Man 6 Any% (Jetpack only)149:29 Emulator FCEUX 2.2.212/25/2018      
Mega Man 7 Any%1042:22 Emulator Snes9x v1.5312/18/2020      
Mega Man X Any%19947:13 Emulator Snes9x      
Mega Man X7 Any% (US)21:22:38PS202/23/2017      
Mega Man X7 Any% (NG+, US)71:11:23 PS202/27/2017   1   
Mega Man X7 Any% 61:02:08 PC Steam08/21/2018   1   
Mega Man X7 Any% (NG+)455:40 PC Steam03/10/2020      
Mega Man 1-6 46 robot masters111:47:39 Emulator FCEUX10/11/2016      
Mega Man 1-6 Any%113:36:27 Emulator FCEUX 2.2.206/15/2017   1   
Rockman 4: BCAS Any%1943:45 Emulator FCEUX08/16/2014   1   
Mega Man Day in the Limelight 2 Any%148:12 Emulator PC08/25/2019      
Rockman 6 RE Any%247:53 Emulator FCEUX03/15/2015      
Mega Man 6 Next Loop Any%247:00 Emulator FCEUX06/13/2017