Mega Man X: Command Mission

Current records:
Any% in 1:56:41 by Auchgard
Any% (Glitchless) in 3:19:22 by Auchgard

Mega Man: The Power Battle

Current record:
Course 1~2 - Solo in 2:45.85 by BBAonThePrius

Mega Man: Battle & Chase

Current records:
Any% (Mega Man) in 33:58 by Claptor
Sky Circuit 1 in 1:56.18 by Veigard
Street in 2:15.35 by Claptor

Mega Man 2: The Power Fighters

Current records:
Search For Wily! - Solo in 6:13 by bradderfield
Rescue Roll! - Solo in 4:05 by 3myaku

Mega Man: Soccer

Current record:
Any% in 2:03:26.34 by EnkiGames

Rockman: Battle & Fighters

Current record: