Rank Runner Time Version Date Status  
1berlindude1 32:58 PC Steam07/24/2021      
2Chocobar91 35:31PC XLC04/09/2022      
3ROTFLandmines 36:22 PC Steam01/27/2021      
4poisoncurls 36:36 PC Steam12/30/2020      
5FRiSK 38:46.31PC Steam05/06/2019      
6Tinto2794 40:22PC Steam05/14/2020      
7tROOOYjenkins 46:45 PC Steam05/07/2023      
8Shohaizuri50:35PC SteamN/A      
9Tristnal 53:11 PC Steam10/31/2020      
10kamil2050 54:20 PC Steam05/29/2020      
11TwistedDragon1 1:00:03 Xbox One07/12/2019      
12ShaunsChilledGaming 1:39:02.54 Nintendo Switch10/28/2019      
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