Rank Runner Real Time Game Time Version Date Status  
1Fujiyama 28:1712:23 PlayStation02/14/2021      
2BlueImp 26:1912:24 Emulator Dolphin 5.009/02/2020   2   
38BitIsGr8 26:4712:51 GameCube09/01/2020   1   
4NinjaDelphox 26:3913:33 Xbox One08/04/2020      
5SoulessGouki26:5314:07Emulator PCSX205/29/2014      
6Cybergeddon 31:2815:25 PlayStation05/29/2020      
7sukimos 30:1816:19PC XLC201/14/2020      
8VictorHenrique 31:4916:23 Emulator ePSXe08/18/2019      
9macispoopy29:4216:25PC X Legacy Collection01/07/2019      
10Cyberdemon531 29:4216:38Emulator PCSX205/10/2014      
11ZXRyuu 46:41.7428:42PlayStation07/24/2020      
12suruiyingmu0 2:15:02 Emulator pcsx210/05/2020      
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