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Mega Man 2

Any% (Difficult, Zipless) in 28:46 by COOLKID


Mega Man Zero 4

Any% (Normal) in 46:16 by Nuy


Mega Man Zero 3

Any% in 43:09 by Ch0cman

Mega Man

All stages in 20:26 by Creblestar

Mega Man Unlimited

Any% in 37:09 by btfm

Mega Man 11

Any% No OoB (Normal) in 35:56 by sagehero

Mega Man X3

Any% in 39:50 by shienOG

Date Runner Game and category Rank Time Version  
02/23/2019BabanimX Rosenkreuzstilette Any% (Grolla)534:37 PC ?   
02/22/2019lethargicwaldoMega Man X2 Any% (SNES)6238:42 SNES    
02/21/2019COOLKID Mega Man 2 Any% (Difficult, Zipless)128:46 NES 6   
02/21/2019noxiousnick Mega Man 9 Any%5245:28 Switch1   
02/21/2019Nuy Mega Man Zero 4 Any% (Normal)146:16 GBA   
02/21/2019Benja Mega Man ZX Any% (Normal)1058:54 (IGT)Emulator Wii U VC   
N/AHypah Mega Man 10 Any%835:13Wii   
02/19/2019MelloFlowz Mega Man 6 Any%2836:53 Emulator FCEUX   
02/20/2019Ch0cman Mega Man Zero 3 Any%843:09Emulator Bizhawk 2.3.1   
02/19/2019Creblestar Mega Man All stages3920:26NES1   
02/18/2019cytalis Mega Man X3 Any%6046:24SNES    
02/18/2019btfm Mega Man Unlimited Any%437:09 PC 1.1.0   
02/18/2019sagehero Mega Man 11 Any% No OoB (Normal)1735:56 PC Steam1   
02/17/2019Iraqvet0304 Mega Man Legacy Collection Mega Man 4347:15PS41   
02/17/2019WMD88 Mega Man 2 Any% (Normal, Zipless)18847:20NES   
02/17/2019enuMega Man ZX Any% (Normal)161:09:11 (IGT)3DS   
02/12/2019stuntrooster Mega Man Legacy Collection Mega Man 1524:39XBONE   
02/16/2019fslynx Mega Man Zero 2 Any%757:27Wii-U VC   
02/16/2019Horsedad Mega Man 2 Any% (Difficult)5229:56NES    
02/16/2019shienOG Mega Man X3 Any%439:50Wii-U VC    
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