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Mega Man X2

Any% (VC/Emulator) in 33:11.26 by Nipan


Mega Man 3

Any% in 35:34 by Aurel509

Mega Man 2

Any% (Difficult) in 28:11 by HBye

Rock Maiden FC2

any% in 30:41 by AsneL


Mega Man Unlimited

Any% in 36:26 by btfm


Rockman & Forte

Any% (Rockman) in 35:47 by werking34


Mega Man X5

All Stages in 24:14 (IGT) by SomeChileanWeeb

Date Runner Game and category Rank Time Version  
06/20/2021Nipan Mega Man X2 Any% (VC/Emulator)233:11.26Emulator Snes9x 1.60   
06/17/2021juiceboy425 Mega Man X 100%2535:56 Emulator SNES Classic3   
06/18/2021Aurel509 Mega Man 3 Any%2335:34 Emulator FCEUX v2.2.3   
06/18/2021Ghosttree Mega Man Legacy Collection Mega Man 12728:12PS4   
06/18/2021Tango Rockman 2: ONN Any%134:26 NES   
06/18/2021HunterdrivenMega Man X5 Any%1412:29 (IGT)Emulator ePSXe   
06/18/2021HBye Mega Man 2 Any% (Difficult)3028:11Emulator nestopia2   
06/18/2021Nanashi Mega Man 6 Any%3636:58 Emulator Nestopia   
06/17/2021NessZX Mega Man Zipless2323:07 Emulator Nestopia   
06/18/2021zeromodoki Mega Man X2 Any% (SNES)4835:49SNES    
06/18/2021zeromodoki Mega Man X3 100%5355:12SNES    
06/16/2021vorteus Mega Man X 100%40557:51 SNES    
06/16/2021btfm Mega Man Unlimited Any%136:26 PC 1.1.02   
06/16/2021IchitheKitty Mega Man 6 Any% (Buster Only)246:24 Emulator FCEUX 2.2.3   
06/17/2021AsneL Rock Maiden FC2 any%130:41 PC 1.04   
06/16/2021werking34 Rockman & Forte Any% (Rockman)335:47 Emulator SNES9x v1.60   
06/15/2021ThePhantomire Mega Man 9 Any%3534:51 PC Steam LC2   
06/14/2021SomeChileanWeeb Mega Man X5 All Stages1024:14 (IGT)PS4   
06/14/2021Madu Mega Man 6 Any%834:15 NES   
06/14/2021Ch0cman Rockman & Forte Any% (Rockman)435:52Emulator Snes9x 1.512   
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