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Mega Man 10

Any% in 35:28 by yumiao

Mega Man 4

Any% in 38:52 by Victrass

Mega Man X Legacy Collection

X4 Any% (X) in 41:30 by SCWeeb1



Any% (Tia) in 31:24.21 by sorantyan


Zero / ZX LC

Z1 All Missions in 33:33.78 by ikedashiki


Mega Man 11

Any% No OoB (Normal) in 34:00 by Scarf

Mega Man IV

Any% in 40:09 by poisoncurls

Date Runner Game and category Rank Time Version  
09/26/2021wanmeng Mega Man 6 Any%6639:47Emulator FCEUX 2.2.31   
09/25/2021jyako Mega Man X3 100%2248:19SNES    
09/23/2021yumiao Mega Man 10 Any%1235:28 PC MMLC21   
09/23/2021GuitaSousaMega Man X Any%14537:20Emulator snes9x 1.60   
08/31/2021GuitaSousaMega Man X 100%24041:43Emulator bizhawk   
09/21/2021Victrass Mega Man 4 Any%2838:52 NES1   
09/21/2021capxr221 Mega Man V Any%548:37 SGB2 1   
09/20/2021SCWeeb1 Mega Man X Legacy Collection X4 Any% (X)141:30PS4   
08/29/2021KrisLee2113 Mega Man X 100%4521:22:24Emulator Snes9x 1.51   
09/19/2021spyriel Mega Man All stages7521:46 NES   
09/20/2021sorantyan Rosenkreuzstilette Any% (Tia)331:24.21 PC 2.01b1   
09/17/2021muhammad Mega Man X6 All Stages5843:44 (IGT)Emulator epsx 2.0.5   
09/16/2021TimeLink Mega Man 6 Any%5638:25 Emulator FCEUX 2.1.4a   
09/18/2021ikedashiki Zero / ZX LC Z1 All Missions133:33.78 PC Steam1   
09/17/2021Scarf Mega Man 11 Any% No OoB (Normal)1134:00PC Steam   
09/16/2021CynanMachae Mega Man X 100%40053:13 SNES    
09/17/2021Demulant Mega Man X 100%2835:52 SNES    
09/16/2021paranoicocinzento Mega Man X Any%17339:56Emulator snes9x-1.60   
09/17/2021werking34 Mega Man 10 Any%2236:03 PC MMLC 21   
N/Ameshiyaranbu Mega Man ZX Advent Any% (Normal, Grey)156:25 (IGT)PC steam   
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