Rank Runner Time Version Date Status  
1hachimitu22 39:50 PC steam09/11/2021   5   
2SCWeeb1 40:20 PlayStation 408/04/2021      
3gamequickies 41:10PC SteamN/A   1   
4ArielRx 41:27 PC Steam10/11/2018      
5UlverBlueriver 41:36PC STEAM11/09/2018      
6Tchy 42:33 PC Steam05/23/2020      
7DonTerra 43:37 PC Steam09/18/2018      
8sundencrow 44:24PC STEAMN/A      
9bewd85 44:32PC steam02/15/2021      
10RoccoCL 44:53PC Steam08/15/2021      
11zeromodoki 45:15PC Steam03/31/2021      
12DoctorBox 46:57.16PC Steam Version05/19/2019      
13NinjaDelphox 47:30 Xbox One08/01/2021      
15RedTwinGamer50:35Nintendo Switch09/09/2018      
15zeromodoki 50:35PC12/08/2020      
17Dune1750:55Nintendo SwitchN/A      
18GQDang 51:46PC Steam05/15/2020      
19ReNaNFreeMaN 52:13PC Steam07/14/2021      
20Kiwami 52:56 PC Steam08/02/2020      
21TimeLink 53:25 Nintendo Switch06/06/2021      
22bobsonDugnutt54:03.7 PC Steam (not emulated)07/15/2021      
24KakoXHunter 58:13 PlayStation 408/24/2021      
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