Game and category Rank Time Version Date Status  
Mega Man 4 Any%12345:41 Emulator FCEUX 2.2.302/03/2018   1   
Mega Man 9 Any%1932:50 PC Collection of Legacies 204/02/2022      
Mega Man 10 DLC weapons134:44 PS310/30/2017      
Mega Man 10 Proto Man534:01 PS303/27/2017   4   
Mega Man 10 Bass (Easy)434:36 PS304/25/2017   1   
Mega Man 10 Any%1935:21 PS309/03/2017      
Mega Man 10 Hard136:39 PS307/18/2017      
Mega Man 10 Bass131:29 PS312/21/2017      
Mega Man 10 Easy135:33 PC LC208/18/2021   1   
Mighty No.9 Any% Ray232:13.68 (IGT)PC08/09/2016      
Mighty No.9 Any%1136:04 (IGT)PC08/25/2016