Game and category Rank Time Version Date Status  
Mega Man 7 Any%591:00:00 SNES 08/07/2020   2   
Mega Man X 100%29243:18 SNES 05/15/2021      
Mega Man X2 Any% (SNES)7637:59 SNES 06/12/2022      
Mega Man X3 Any%9048:42 SNES 07/09/2022      
Mega Man X4 100% (Zero)891:00:22Emulator BizHawk07/19/2020      
Mega Man X4 100% (X)4355:33 Emulator Retroarch with Duckstation core07/29/2022      
Mega Man X6 All Stages3725:45 (IGT)PC Mega Man X Legacy Collection 205/01/2021