Game and category Rank Time Version Date Status  
Mega Man 7 100%221:20:40 Emulator SNES9X with Rockman 7 rom06/13/2015      
Mega Man II Any%5825:34Emulator BGB08/07/2015      
Mega Man IV Any%161:13:52 Emulator bgb10/10/2015      
Mega Man V Any%151:10:38 Emulator bgb10/24/2015      
Mega Man I-V (Game Boy) Any%74:21:10 (IGT)Emulator bgb11/06/2015   1   
Quint's Revenge Any%1332:07PC02/23/2016      
Quint's Revenge Any% (Buster Only)458:00 PC02/16/2016      
Mega Man Rock n' Roll 100%81:35:29 PC v1.202/09/2020   1