Rank Runner Real Time Game Time Version Date Status  
1CrayonCrayoff31:21 Emulator 11/30/2021      
2Erothaur 32:08 Emulator BizHawk v2.3.209/28/2021      
3Smog 33:29 Game Boy Player 09/03/2021      
4Phantom580034:05 Game Boy Player 08/01/2022      
5GoldenExperience34:21 Emulator VBA 1.8.0-beta 309/08/2021      
6CurdleGames35:15Emulator mGBA 0.9.107/22/2022      
7TheEx1stencePr0ject35:23Emulator BizHawk      
8KyrieZee 35:33Emulator VBA-RR11/14/2021      
9Ionosphyre38:28 Emulator 08/04/2021      
10Powerflare39:12 Emulator 08/04/2021      
11Qed39:35Emulator 02/25/2022      
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