Rank Runner Real Time Game Time Version Date Status  
2sukimos 58:48 1:01PC pc02/10/2018   1   
3suruiyingmu0 59:35.981:02PC PC02/06/2021      
4Kokunsderp 1:00:10 1:05:00PC PC05/31/2020   1   
5TimeLink 1:00:46 1:03:00PC PC10/19/2020      
6DizzasTeR 1:00:48.291:03PC PC Port03/06/2021      
7Qttsix 1:01:191:06:00PC08/26/2014   1   
8McBobX 1:03:46 1:07:00PC08/01/2016      
9nordren 1:07:35 1:12PCN/A      
10Goofilactiko 1:07:541:11:00PCN/A      
11Coltaho 1:09:54 1:20:00PC PC04/02/2020      
12Awsiel 1:10:581:14PC 10/09/2020      
13Titanish 1:11:10 1:14:00PC11/22/2015      
14KSDC 1:13:12 PC04/11/2015    
15suruiyingmu 1:13:20 1:16PC PC08/29/2020      
16Sharkaon1:20:33.591:26PC .10/29/2018      
17xerobladedge 1:35:26 1:39PC08/24/2015      
18necromancia88 1:36:24PC11/24/2013    
19Electra13x7777 3:22:40 PC08/03/2015    
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