Rank Runner Time Version Date Status  
1CrystalUnclear 35:37Super Nintendo01/15/2016      
2EaBTasRaiul 35:40 Emulator Snes9x 1.5108/13/2021      
3Madu 36:15 Super Nintendo08/13/2021   6   
4Giocci 36:18 Super Nintendo08/10/2021      
5Geo 36:31 Emulator snes9x 1.6008/08/2021      
6Fly 36:57 Super Nintendo08/06/2021   2   
7ROTFLandmines 37:31 Super Nintendo08/06/2021      
8delcaMX 38:03Super Nintendo11/23/2021      
9popotan322000 38:06Super Nintendo08/19/2021   2   
10Laseki 38:15 Super Nintendo08/07/2021      
11vorteus 42:29Super Nintendo08/06/2021      
12PeterAfro 50:00 Emulator snes9x 1.5503/16/2021      
13StahlbolzenSC2 50:54 Emulator Snes9x 1.611/21/2021      
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