Rank Runner Real Time Game Time Version Date Status  
1YuZiJiang 32:37 PC Steam11/16/2021   5   
2Amad 32:44 PC Steam01/22/2021   5   
3Demulant 32:49 PC Steam08/18/2020   4   
4zhuge 32:51PC Steam06/11/2019   8   
5fastatcc 32:59 PC Steam04/20/2019   9   
6Qttsix 33:24PC Steam06/07/2019      
7karterfreak 33:34.9 PC Steam05/17/2019      
8Scarf 33:40PC Steam11/08/2021      
9ds83171 33:40.04 PC Steam11/11/2021      
10Chelney 33:49 PC Steam03/17/2019   4   
11Nanjimao 33:56 34:19PC Steam12/16/2018   2   
12Jwally 33:57PC Steam07/30/2021      
13prisi 34:1234:41PC Steam11/29/2018      
14Reabs 34:22 PlayStation 403/15/2019      
15Lan 34:34 PC 斯剔母12/20/2021   1   
16sagehero 34:39 PC Steam08/17/2020      
17meiyouheibang 34:43.635:06PC STEAM12/31/2018   2   
18MooMooAkai34:46.22 PC Steam02/17/2019      
19CosmicSense34:52 35:17PC Steam11/17/2018      
20AguadeCoco 35:08PC Steam12/14/2021      
21FaraazKhan35:22PC Steam11/18/2018      
22problemstrol 35:25 PC :P05/12/2019      
23Megamar 35:33 PC Steam06/28/2021      
24IgorAlmeida 35:37PC SteamN/A      
25orsa 35:42PC Steam08/01/2019   1   
26WalrusPrime 35:47 Nintendo Switch08/10/2019      
27Patwah 35:51PC SteamN/A      
28Einea5mk 35:57 PC Steam07/18/2019   1   
29wanmeng 36:39PC steam11/12/2021   1   
30tianshou50 36:41PC STEAMN/A      
31jjyo 36:54 36:55PC steam07/18/2021      
32crazyapeboy 36:57PC steam11/19/2018      
33Dennsen86 37:12 PC STEAM11/18/2018      
34Venoxis9337:15PC N/A02/10/2019      
35Samura1man 37:17Nintendo Switch11/18/2018      
36Exchapters 37:18 PlayStation 411/18/2018      
37Wiglink 37:32PC Steam11/19/2018      
37amanatee 37:32 PC SteamN/A      
39RIFT 37:39 PC Steam11/21/2018      
40jgps7410 37:44 PC Steam07/31/2020      
41rockmanhh 37:54PC SteamN/A      
42SerRoderick 37:55 Xbox One12/19/2018      
43ryukahr 38:17PC SteamN/A      
44jphpue 38:31 PC Steam10/31/2021   2   
45SkwareOne 38:39PC Steam02/13/2019      
46SuperTwoU 39:17 PC Steam11/06/2018      
47xiaozhiye 39:29PC STEAMN/A      
48TimeLink 39:34 Nintendo Switch02/18/2019      
49strizer86 39:39 40:04PlayStation 411/18/2018      
50ReFlex 39:55PC Steam10/18/2021      
51Dagem 39:59.64 41:08PC Steam11/16/2018      
52mrcab 40:12 PC Steam02/22/2019      
53popotski 41:00.44 42:16PC N/A11/28/2018      
54FBIMichaelScarn 41:23 42:03PlayStation 411/03/2018      
55PacmanRick 41:42Nintendo Switch01/14/2022      
56TyHope 41:47 PlayStation 411/25/2018      
57Podfox42:39 PC Steam12/13/2018      
58Coltaho 43:19PC Steam06/02/2019      
59paintingman1143:5744:12PC Steam10/28/2018      
60Kudaaj 44:31 PC Steam10/15/2018      
61MonstermanMFR 44:48PC Steam10/14/2018      
62Joenome 46:18 PC 10/05/2018      
63VenezPrince 46:26Nintendo Switch02/07/2019      
64delcaMX 47:1947:49PC Steam10/06/2018      
65esBatacko 47:2047:46PC Steam10/12/2018      
66djfizzix 47:33.52PlayStation 412/29/2018      
67Charlieboy 47:51 51:46PC Steam01/25/2019      
68RiotRagnnar 48:00.34 PC Steam11/10/2018      
69angelkof48:1248:34PlayStation 4N/A      
70eriozu 49:08PC Steam10/22/2018      
71cuttlefish05 49:13PC Steam06/15/2019      
72Ansga49:20PC Steam10/14/2018      
73Artea49:48.21 PC SteamN/A      
74KGTheProjection50:25 PlayStation 401/06/2022      
75Protobo 51:1151:34PlayStation 407/27/2020      
76DJCarmichael 51:55.3PC n/a10/12/2018      
77Kiwami 52:19 PC Steam10/16/2018      
78SlurpeeNinja 52:35 PC Steam11/20/2018      
79AiTelevision 52:55Nintendo Switch10/06/2018      
80Azaliate 53:56.6 PC Steam10/18/2018      
81Nintagious 54:05.77 55:13Nintendo Switch07/09/2019      
82rodrigodourado 54:07 PC Steam11/04/2018      
83doublegearsys 54:29 PlayStation 410/02/2018      
84Groooooooooooot 54:5357:48PC Steam10/18/2018      
85Lulladin 56:00 56:19Nintendo Switch10/05/2018      
86Hawkeye1701 56:10PlayStation 412/11/2018      
87InMemorium57:36 PC Steam Version10/04/2018      
88TheDoughNut 58:00 PlayStation 4N/A      
89BrassWolf 58:29 PlayStation 410/11/2018      
90Lewus59:2159:48PC Steam10/06/2018      
91Denote218 1:01:31PC Steam Version 10/03/2018      
92infinitemystery 1:01:40 PlayStation 411/07/2018      
93lethargicwaldo1:03:27 Nintendo Switch10/04/2018      
94Gumjaw 1:32:39 1:33:22PC Steam10/09/2018      
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