Game and category Rank Time Version Date Status  
Mega Man X3 Low% (SNES)141:59 SNES 05/19/2017   3   
Mega Man X3 Any% (SNES)239:42 SNES 12/19/2017   1   
Mega Man X3 100% (SNES)545:41 SNES 06/29/2017      
Mega Man Xtreme 100% (Normal)123:23 Emulator Gambatte03/15/2016      
Mega Man X: Command Mission Defeat Ninetails12:33:25 GC 09/23/2017      
Mega Man X: Command Mission Any% (Glitchless)13:35:16 GC 02/02/2018      
Mega Man X: Command Mission Any%12:19:50 GC 09/23/2017      
Mega Man Legends Any% (Nintendo 64)343:08 (IGT)N64 10/29/2016      
Mega Man Legends Any% (PC)352:21 (IGT)PC 04/13/2015   3   
Mega Man Legends Any% (Easy, Nintendo 64)235:53 (IGT)N64 11/23/2014      
Mega Man Legends Any% (PlayStation)446:27 (IGT)PS1 06/04/2016      
Mega Man Legends 2 Any% (Normal, PS1)31:25:24 (IGT)PS1 (FDS) 02/15/2016      
The Misadventures of Tron Bonne Any%227:01 (IGT)PS108/11/2017      
Mighty Gunvolt Any% (Gunvolt)27:34.93 (IGT)PC01/17/2017