Rank Runner Real Time Game Time Version Date Status  
1cleartonic 54:4324:14Game Boy Advance09/16/2017      
2Kuribon 54:47 24:28Game Boy Advance06/16/2014      
3Darko 56:1525:47Emulator08/24/2013      
4Krankdud 56:3825:25Emulator06/10/2013      
5mukyuu 57:10EmulatorN/A      
7pahchi 59:02Game Boy Advance06/05/2017      
8Trogdor 59:05 27:38Game Boy Advance08/22/2017      
9Tailikku1:05:38 31:18Emulator03/09/2014      
10OSad 1:06:0433:34EmulatorN/A      
11mrcab 1:41:59 1:01:39Game Boy Advance07/29/2017      
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