Rank Runner Real Time Game Time Version Date Status  
1Chlorate 34:12 21:42Wii04/08/2018   1   
2btfm 34:16 21:45PlayStation 308/04/2017   10   
3Ajarmar 34:21 21:49Wii01/26/2017   2   
4magmapeach 34:4122:05Wii09/04/2014   2   
5usedpizza 34:54 22:19Wii05/10/2016      
6cleartonic 34:5822:17Wii10/22/2014      
7Coeus 35:21 22:43PlayStation 309/04/2017      
8duckfist 35:2822:47Wii04/03/2012   1   
9Jiano 35:32Wii03/16/2012      
10LupinWal 35:35PlayStation 3N/A    
11Joka 35:39 22:57Wii08/11/2015      
12Darko 35:4123:08Wii10/03/2017      
13Godot 35:5123:13PlayStation 302/23/2018      
14dreamofsha 35:5823:09PC win702/16/2018      
15Tiki 36:00Xbox 360N/A    
16Hopeisnotlost 36:22 23:39Wii10/20/2017      
16Deuceler 36:22 23:40Wii01/01/2016      
18SlurpeeNinja 36:31Wii12/17/2013   2   
19privateye 37:02Wii02/21/2011      
20DMCAether 37:16 24:10PlayStation 309/04/2017      
21Nuy 37:4924:58Wii04/20/2018      
22orsa 37:5925:10Wii05/20/2017      
23Nijikutsu 39:11Wii06/13/2013    
24MegaMarino 39:36 25:58PlayStation 302/12/2015    
25strizer86 39:49 26:00PlayStation 410/22/2017      
26Hypah 39:5326:38Wii03/26/2018      
27rattokissa 40:31WiiN/A     
28mrcab 44:1229:31Wii05/15/2018      
29Trogdor 44:35 30:42Wii08/06/2017      
30MegaZoneX 45:0931:40Wii01/25/2015    
318BitIsGr8 48:48 34:00Wii06/06/2014    
32doicm 50:10Wii11/14/2013    
33DaviEu 58:21 42:09PC Legacy Collection 2N/A      
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