Rank Runner Time Version Date Status  
1Tremane 18:46 Game Boy Player09/02/2015   1   
2McBobX 19:18 Emulator Gambatte05/07/2017      
3pld 19:20 Super Game Boy 204/13/2016      
4JaggerG 19:27 Game Boy Player05/13/2014      
5Johncarls 19:40 Super Game Boy 204/03/2016      
6MrMKL 19:43Emulator BGB02/10/2015      
7Cremator20:07Game Boy Player10/30/2008      
8JXS 20:30Super Game Boy 201/27/2016      
9maramilitia 20:59 Super Game Boy 205/28/2017   1   
10gamej06 21:02Emulator VBA02/04/2014   1   
11Mazimov 21:29Emulator Bgb07/06/2017      
12mcgrew 22:12 Super Game Boy 206/11/2016      
13Nikke 22:24Emulator VBA10/01/2013   1   
14Moelleuh 22:26.5Emulator bgb02/20/2014      
15Barnowl 22:35 Super Game Boy02/24/2016      
16mashystrr 22:50 Game Boy Player08/07/2016      
17VengefulNemesis 22:51 Emulator bgb10/23/2015   2   
18Zeo 23:09Game Boy Player08/09/2015      
19strizer86 23:17 Game Boy Player08/23/2015   6   
20Mojoric 23:21Emulator bgb08/08/2015      
21UnknownD 23:22 Emulator05/30/2017      
22ebloodycandy 23:47Super Game Boy 204/01/2017      
23snowshy 24:20.89 Emulator bgb01/15/2017      
24mrcab 24:47Super Game Boy 208/25/2014      
25Alex76FR 24:50 Emulator bgb01/13/2016      
26Laseki 25:02 Game Boy Player10/28/2014      
27Airhammer 25:34Emulator BGB08/08/2015      
28PeterAfro 26:13Emulator java boy v.92N/A    
29Tom 27:47 Emulator06/11/2017      
30infinitemystery 28:43Game Boy Player08/21/2013      
31pixelkaye 30:37 Game Boy Player02/07/2016      
32Checkers 31:12Emulator09/21/2013    
33usedpizza 32:38Emulator09/21/2013    
34darkman78 46:35Emulator09/21/2013    
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