Rank Runner Real Time Game Time Version Date Status  
1Qttsix 41:48 25:06Emulator Visual Boy Advance08/15/2017   1   
2Wil 42:09 25:12Emulator Bizhawk      
3Ajarmar 42:29 25:28Game Boy Advance06/21/2017   3   
4fslynx 42:4125:39Wii U Virtual Console09/10/2017      
5Kuribon 42:56 25:50Game Boy Advance12/30/2013   1   
6ventkazuto 44:17 Emulator VBAN/A   2   
7bxp3m113 46:18 28:49Emulator Bizhawk 1.9.405/08/2015   1   
8orsa 48:00 29:41Game Boy Advance09/02/2017      
9WeForgot 48:0429:58Emulator10/02/2014      
10Darko 48:1930:51Emulator04/23/2014      
11OvaZero 48:47 30:46Game Boy Advance09/09/2017      
12Trogdor 49:11 30:41Game Boy Advance08/29/2017      
13mukyuu 49:19EmulatorN/A    
14plum 51:1131:48Emulator10/06/2015   1   
15rename 52:03 Emulator BizHawk 2.1.108/21/2017      
16100T 55:4135:39Emulator Visual Boy Advance09/20/2015      
17strizer86 1:00:56 39:36Wii U Virtual Console12/06/2017   1   
18julian434link 1:05:2043:02EmulatorN/A      
20mrcab 1:36:16 Game Boy Advance08/13/2017      
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