Rank Runner Time Version Date Status  
1Kuumba 25:29 Emulator Biz-Hawk05/08/2017   1   
2Gari25:37 Emulator Powerpak03/05/2017      
3Golden 26:45Emulator03/01/2015   1   
4AxlSR 26:52 Emulator NESTopia12/07/2015      
5Iceplug 26:59 Emulator Nestopia02/27/2015 1   
6bjw 27:44 Emulator Powerpak08/08/2016      
7PeterAfro 27:48 Emulator06/07/2015    
8necromancia88 27:58 Emulator EverDrive01/18/2017      
9th3schwartz 28:42 Emulator FCEUX02/19/2015    
10Baddap1 29:50 Emulator09/10/2016      
11DarkTerrex 30:46Emulator FCEUX08/23/2014    
12seifumi30:55Emulator Everdrive05/29/2017      
13Darko 30:57Emulator08/12/2014      
14Hypah 41:24 EmulatorN/A      
15Ppotdot1 43:45 Emulator FCEUX08/17/2014 1   
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