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Mega Man X1-X3

Any% in 1:50:32 by Trogdor


Mega Man 10

Any% (Bass, Easy) in 34:36 by Coeus


Mega Man 10

Any% (Bass) in 32:20 by Coeus


Mega Man X

Any% in 31:38 by Tokyo

Mega Man 5

Any% in 34:57 by Ppotdot1

Mega Man X

Any% (Buster only) in 41:31 by darrenvile


Mega Man 2

Any% (Difficult) in 27:06 by ZodaNOR

Runner Game and category Rank Time Version Date  
Trogdor Mega Man X Any%4233:10 SNES 04/26/2017   
Trogdor Mega Man X1-X3 Any%31:50:32 SNES 04/26/2017   
Tokyo Mega Man X Any%831:38SNES 04/25/2017   
Mazimov Mega Man 2 Any% (Normal, Zipless)1030:05 Emulator Nestopia04/14/20173   
Mazimov Mega Man 1-6 46 robot masters171:54:38Emulator Nestopia03/12/2017   
Mazimov Mega Man 2 Any% (Difficult, Zipless)831:14Emulator nestopia04/16/2017   
Coeus Mega Man 10 Any% (Bass, Easy)134:36 PS304/26/20171   
Coeus Mega Man 10 Any% (Bass)132:20 PS304/26/20171   
RenagdeBeachCop Mega Man 3 Any%8442:32NES 04/25/2017   
T1redMonkey Mega Man 3 Any%5638:39Emulator Nestopia04/25/20173   
CriscoWild Mega Man X1-X3 Any%132:25:34Emulator 04/25/2017   
darrenvile Mega Man X Any% (Buster only)241:31 SNES 04/24/2017   
Ppotdot1 Mega Man 5 Any%1334:57 Emulator FCEUX04/25/2017   
iReference Mega Man X Any%7135:47SNES 04/24/2017   
Auchgard Mega Man X: Command Mission Defeat Ninetails12:36:48 GC 04/24/2017   
Auchgard Mega Man X: Command Mission Any%12:23:15 GC 04/24/2017   
ZodaNOR Mega Man 2 Any% (Difficult)427:06 NES 04/24/20179   
BabanimX Mega Man X 100%335:14 SNES 04/23/2017   
strizer86 Mega Man Unlimited 100%649:07 PC04/23/2017   
LuizMiguel Mega Man X4 100% (Zero)1444:06 PS1 04/23/2017