Rank Runner Real Time Game Time Version Date Status  
18BitIsGr8 22:35 PlayStation (FDS)04/04/2020      
2CrakAttack 22:52 PlayStation (FDS)08/25/2015      
3Laseki 26:10 PlayStation 205/12/2017      
4Cyberdemon531 26:31PlayStation (FDS)01/10/2018      
5x2205678400000 27:07Emulator bizhawk 2.3.111/06/2019      
6StarvinStruthers 29:12 PlayStation 207/04/2014      
7CrystalUnclear 29:26 PlayStation 204/08/2015      
8Kiwami 31:52Emulator Bizhawk 2.3.207/27/2020      
9plum 31:53 Sega Saturn11/19/2015      
10inflames90 32:15GameCube12/10/2013      
11Axon44:46PlayStation 2N/A      
12CriscoWild 51:21PlayStation 206/26/2018      
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