Rank Runner Time Version Date Status  
1btfm 36:46 PC 1.1.005/23/2020   3   
2Kuumba 36:47 PC 11/16/2018   4   
3Zecks 36:58 PC06/11/2016   2   
4bybzii 37:02 PC12/12/2015      
5yingfenzhen 37:54PC 1.1.009/26/2017      
6McBobX 38:47PC04/06/2017      
7SlurpeeNinja 39:34 PC10/14/2014    
8luoye 39:55PC 1.1.004/20/2020      
9Nanjimao 41:01PC 1.1.009/30/2017   2   
10hagspam 44:46PC05/06/2014    
11necromancia88 46:12PC01/01/2014    
12doicm 47:14PC07/24/2013      
14inflames90 1:41:11PC09/14/2013    
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