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Rockman 3 Claw

Any% in 33:29 by Kuumba


Mega Man 3

Any% in 35:50 by KLM1187

Mega Man 3

Any% in 34:22 by Darko


Mega Man 5

Any% in 34:09 by fastatcc

Mega Man 2

Any% (Normal) in 27:29 by StreamLine119


Mega Man Legacy Collection

Mega Man 3 in 37:22 by KLM1187


The Misadventures of Tron Bonne

Any% in 27:38 (IGT) by BlueMetal

Runner Game and category Rank Time Version Date  
Ppotdot1 Mega Man X7 Any% (NG+)71:11:23 PS2 02/28/2017   
Kuumba Rockman 3 Claw Any%233:29 Emulator Biz-Hawk02/28/2017   
KLM1187 Mega Man 3 Any%1835:50NES 02/27/2017   
hakticalMega Man X2 Any% (SNES/VC)5737:24.3 SNES 02/27/2017   
ultimategigacorex Mega Man X5 Any%714:18 (IGT)PS202/27/2017   
ShadowZero81 Mega Man X2 Any% (SNES/VC)9047:17 Wii VC 02/27/2017   
ChoobsXMega Man All stages9328:32Emulator FCEUX02/26/2017   
ChoobsXMega Man Any% (ACE)528:32Emulator FCEUX02/26/2017   
Darko Mega Man 3 Any%234:22 Wii VC 02/26/2017   
Kuumba Rockman 3 Burst Chaser Any%330:34 Emulator Biz-Hawk02/26/2017   
thekovinc, kdorfMega Man 2.5D Co-op11:15:05PC 1.0.102/26/2017   
HandsomeJackass Mega Man 2 Any% (Normal, Zipless)3831:40 NES02/26/2017   
fastatcc Mega Man 5 Any%634:09 NES 02/26/20172   
ShadowZero81 Mega Man 2 Any% (Normal)9748:42Emulator02/25/2017   
jvethMega Man 3 Any%6939:49 NES 02/25/2017   
meteorwave Mega Man 3 Any%9644:28NES 02/21/2017   
skavenger216 Mega Man 2 Any% (Normal)4630:20NES02/23/2017   
StreamLine119 Mega Man 2 Any% (Normal)327:29 NES02/25/20173   
ItstoearlyMega Man 4 Any%751:22:40.15 Emulator02/25/2017   
ConvolutedGamer Mega Man X 100%7638:08SNES 02/24/2017