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Mega Man 3

Any% in 34:23 by prisi


Mega Man 2

Any% (Difficult) in 27:07 by COOLKID

Mega Man 3

Any% in 34:42 by cassiothird

Mega Man Unlimited

Any% in 37:43 by Kuumba


Mega Man X4

100% (Zero) in 44:07 by UlverBlueriver

Mega Man

All stages in 19:48 by onsun

Mega Man 2

Any% (Difficult) in 27:17 by StreamLine119

Runner Game and category Rank Time Version Date  
strizer86 Mega Man X Any%11339:02 SNES 12/15/2017   
prisi Mega Man 3 Any%334:23Emulator Nestopia12/15/20175   
Kuumba Rockman 2 Claw Any%332:26 Emulator Biz-Hawk12/14/20171   
HazyPerspectiveMega Man X Any%6233:50Emulator bsnes12/13/2017   
DonzerMega Man X 100%20145:08Emulator snes9x 1.5312/13/2017   
SensatoKuroMega Man X 100%14340:21SNES 12/12/20171   
MisterRadonMega Man X Any%13855:10Emulator snes9x 1.5312/11/2017   
SoraTakaraiMega Man X Any%11439:23Emulator snes9x 1.5312/05/2017   
COOLKID Mega Man 2 Any% (Difficult)527:07 NES 12/15/20178   
HandsomeJackass Mega Man All stages7522:36Emulator Nestopia12/14/20171   
Ch0cman Mega Man X4 100% (Zero)2646:03Emulator Mednafen12/14/2017   
Victrass Mega Man All stages4321:04NES12/13/2017   
T1redMonkey Mega Man All stages3820:55Emulator FCEUX12/14/2017   
Ch0cman Mega Man X Any%6834:17Emulator Snes9X 1.5512/14/2017   
Mannix86 Mega Man II Any%920:55 Emulator bgb12/14/2017   
GareBear Mega Man X Any%4633:17SNES 12/13/2017   
Kongcakes Cutman's Bad Scizzors Day Any%123:40NES02/19/2016   
cassiothird Mega Man 3 Any%834:42 NES 12/13/20171   
manawattsMega Man X 100%20545:39Emulator SNES9x v1.5312/13/2017   
Kuumba Mega Man Unlimited Any%337:43 PC 12/12/20171   
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