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Mega Man 4

Any% in 37:49 by prisi


Mega Man 3

Any% in 33:57 by fastatcc


Mega Man 2

Any% (Normal) in 27:51.4 by StreamLine119

Mega Man X2

Any% (SNES/VC) in 33:09 by Akiteru

Mega Man 10

Any% in 35:42 by Coeus

Mega Man 6

Any% in 34:03 by Chelney


Mighty Gunvolt

Any% (Gunvolt) in 7:31 (IGT) by StarvinStruthers

Runner Game and category Rank Time Version Date  
ghaleoneternal Mega Man X 100%2736:39 SNES 01/17/2017   
orsa Rockman & Forte Any% (Forte)439:55SNES 01/16/2017   
supeeNintendoMega Man X 100%2171:04:05SNES 01/16/2017   
mrcab Mega Man X2 Any% (SNES/VC)8547:08 SNES 01/16/2017   
mrcab Mega Man 10 Any%2046:21 Wii01/16/2017   
kyleprecise Mega Man 3 Any%3637:47 Emulator FCEUX 2.2.201/16/20171   
sinister1 Mega Man 2 Any% (Normal)2929:01 NES01/15/2017   
GaryofSans Mega Man X 100%2181:04:33 Wii VC 01/16/2017   
prisi Mega Man 4 Any%237:49 Emulator01/15/20171   
fastatcc Mega Man 3 Any%133:57 NES 01/15/201720   
StreamLine119 Mega Man 2 Any% (Normal)1127:51.4 NES01/15/20173   
BeefWatson85 Mega Man 3 Any%4338:44 NES 01/15/20171   
Akiteru Mega Man X2 Any% (SNES/VC)633:09SNES 01/15/2017   
ninglendo Mega Man 2 Any% (Normal, Zipless)4532:12Emulator FCEUX01/14/20171   
Mazimov Mega Man 3 Any%4438:47 Emulator Nestopia01/15/20171   
snowshy Mega Man II Any%1824:20.89 Emulator bgb01/15/2017   
Sambss Mega Man X4 100% (X)748:45PS1 01/15/2017   
FalcoEagleMega Man Zero Any%424:28 Emulator01/14/2017   
manchusG Mega Man 2 Any% (Normal, Zipless)2131:07Emulator Nestopia01/14/20171   
onsun Mega Man 2 Any% (Difficult)2128:52NES 01/14/2017