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Mega Man X6

All Stages in 19:52 (IGT) by Fujiyama


Mega Man 9

Any% in 32:37 by Polytopes

Mega Man X

100% in 35:09 by Teemu

Mega Man 2

Any% (Normal, Buster Only) in 32:05 by StuffnThings42


Mega Man 9

Any% in 32:52 by Amad

Mega Man 5

Any% in 34:23 by FeralPigMan

Mega Man 3

Any% in 35:16.01 by PJDiCesare

Date Runner Game and category Rank Time Version  
02/13/2020ROTFLandmines Mega Man 2 Any% (Normal, Zipless)19939:17NES   
02/16/2020SpeedE Mega Man 3 Any%4636:59NES    
02/17/2020LadyShadowDragon Mega Man 4 Any% (Buster only)1252:41 Emulator FCEUX   
02/17/2020MelloFlowz Mega Man 5 Any%4137:40NES    
02/17/2020capxr221 Mega Man 4 Any% (Buster only)143:55NES   
02/16/2020jafem Mega Man X 100%6737:31SNES    
02/15/2020Sleeh Mega Man X6 All Stages822:22 (IGT)PS1   
02/15/2020BrassWolf Mega Man Rock n' Roll 100%21:16:21 PC 1.1.1   
02/12/2020Polytopes Mega Man 9 Any%1432:37 PS4   
02/15/2020Fujiyama Mega Man X6 All Stages119:52 (IGT)PS1   
02/15/2020kamil2050 Mega Man All stages13827:53Emulator fceux-2.2.3   
02/13/2020ProInfernape Mega Man 9 Any%4236:06 XBONE   
02/14/2020MegaMarino Mega Maker 10 random levels110:30 PC v1.5.5.1   
02/13/2020AiKio Mega Man X3 100%3551:54 SNES    
02/12/2020DPG Mega Man X3 Any%1740:40 Emulator Super NT   
02/04/2020xChristineMega Man 3 Any%9739:55.82NES    
02/13/2020TimeLink Mega Man 9 Any%3535:20 Switch   
02/12/2020Charlieboy Mega Man 9 Any%6440:21Wii   
02/13/2020berlindude1 Mega Man Maverick Hunter X Any% (X, Normal)435:26 Emulator ppsspp   
02/12/2020Teemu Mega Man X 100%435:09 SNES 2   
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