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Mega Man 9

Any% (Proto Man) in 30:44 by RoboRidley

Mega Man 11

Any% No OoB (Normal) in 34:52 by Reabs

Mega Man Legends 2

Any% (Normal, PS1) in 1:15:49 (IGT) by BlueMetal


Mega Man 2

Any% (Normal) in 27:52 by VonRufiou

Mega Man

Zipless in 21:12 by SpeedE


Mega Man 10

Any% in 35:28 by Hypah

Mega Man Legends 2

Any% (Normal, PSP) in 1:12:49 (IGT) by BlueMetal

Date Runner Game and category Rank Time Version  
01/15/2019Kammesennin Mega Man 10 Buster Only258:50 PC Mega Man Legacy Collection 2   
01/15/2019No90 Mega Man X2 Any% (VC/Emulator)7145:27Emulator Snes9X 1.58   
01/15/2019Mannix86 Mega Man 9 Any%4538:56 PC Steam LC2   
01/11/2019Tavotron Mega Man X 100%10938:45 SNES    
01/11/2019Resistingframe Rockman 3 The Last of Mushroom Kingdom Any%414:06Emulator FCEUX 2.23   
01/11/2019stalwartturtleMega Man 2 Any% (Normal, Zipless)6732:06Emulator FCEUX 2.2.3   
01/11/2019smignacMega Man 3 Any%14654:35Emulator FCEUX 2.2.2   
01/10/2019RoboRidley Mega Man 9 Any% (Proto Man)430:44 Wii4   
01/09/2019Reabs Mega Man 11 Any% No OoB (Normal)734:52 PS4   
01/10/2019tortadiego Mega Man X 100%5937:31 SNES    
01/07/2019megakyle83 Rockman 3 The Last of Mushroom Kingdom Any%212:20Emulator Nestopia   
01/10/2019TheCherryPoint Mega Man 2 Any% (Normal)3728:55 Emulator Nestopia   
01/09/2019Tchy Mega Man X Any%7834:17 SNES    
01/09/2019TwilightEXE Rockman.EXE Operate Shooting Star Any %22:11:55 DS   
N/Arattokissa Mega Man 9 Any%3235:49Wii   
01/08/2019Iraqvet0304 Mega Man 4 Any%9151:13Emulator FCEUX2   
01/05/2019sharivan Mega Man X3 100%3251:46 Snes9x    
01/20/2019Kuumba Mega Man Ultra Any% (Expert)130:55 Emulator Biz-Hawk1   
01/06/2019Kuumba Mega Man Ultra Any% (Novice)129:46 Emulator Biz-Hawk   
01/07/2019BlueMetal Mega Man Legends 2 Any% (Normal, PS1)11:15:49 (IGT)PS1 (FDS)    
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