Rank Runner Real Time Game Time Version Date Status  
1COOLKID 2:02:45 Nintendo Entertainment System 08/01/2018   5   
2kyleprecise 2:10:27 Nintendo Entertainment System 07/12/2018   2   
3dethwing 2:11:58Emulator N/A   1   
4BaronHaynes 2:16:18 Emulator FCEUX 2.2.209/21/2016      
5Barnowl 2:16:34Nintendo Entertainment System N/A    
6Kammesennin 2:18:57 Emulator FCEUX03/30/2018   1   
7Primal85 2:21:26EmulatorN/A    
8Darko 2:24:37Emulator 06/11/2014      
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