Rank Runner Real Time Game Time Version Date Status  
1Ppotdot1 1:22:3856:52PlayStation 202/24/2017      
2Fisdunction 1:34:351:07:36PlayStation 201/21/2014   1   
38BitIsGr8 1:35:12 1:05:11PlayStation 207/13/2017      
4zerolaggaming 1:42:541:12:27PlayStation 2N/A      
5Smosism 1:45:12 PlayStation 211/21/2015      
6strizer86 1:46:49 1:17:54PlayStation 211/30/2017      
7Cyberdemon531 1:58:49PlayStation 2N/A      
8mrcab 2:00:40 PlayStation 208/13/2017      
9infinitemystery 2:39:15 PlayStation 210/03/2013    
10CodyTheCodeman 3:23:21 Emulator12/20/2016      
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