Version Separation

Version Separation
Fri Sep 09, 2016 11:57 pm

For runs on PAL I feel that it doesn't make sense have all versions under the single category of Any% PAL. Looking at some of the things the BN games are separated for such as BN3, it doesn't make sense to me why BN games can be separated but SF games can't.

The main differences with the versions of SF2 are the Tribe On forms you spent 2/3rds of the game in. These forms are very similar to souls or crosses, however each version only has access to one.

Saurian gains super armor, +20 damage to heat cards, and you can charge up cards for an additional damage boost.

Zerker gains side select, +20 damage to elec cards, and you can charge up cards to use them consecutively without triggering iframes.

Ninja gains anti damage, +20 damage to wood cards, and you can charge up cards to gain auto lock and pierce invis.

In addition to those abilities, they all have unique charge shots and Link Force Big Bangs which are very powerful dimming cards gained from countering sometimes while in your Tribe On.

These differences change how you play through over half the game and do all of your folder edits, as well as what cards you'll pick up/try to get from battles. They could also change cipher mail used depending on the runner's preference. I feel that the unique tribes make the runs different enough to warrant separating. People should play on the version they want to play on because it's the most fun version for them, they shouldn't be forced to run on a version they dislike just because it's faster and versions aren't separated. This is mainly a problem because Zerker gains side select which is ridiculous compared to the bonuses Ninja and Saurian gain. So if you want to go as fast as possible you should be running on Zerker regardless of if you enjoy it or not.

For Any% however this does not matter because Any% has access to all forms in every version and just instantly enters Rogue Tribe King. I think really the only reason that versions aren't separated is because other than myself nobody has run the game on PAL, and very few people have run the game to begin with. I don't think continuing to lump all versions together for PAL is very smart, it's just delaying an inevitable problem if/when more people pick up the game.
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