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RTA Description:
Rockman Zero 4 is considered to be the least speed run friendly of the 4 Zero games. Obtaining and using junk armor is quite difficult since obtaining it requires getting parts randomly dropped by enemies and using it turns Zero into a glass cannon. Aside from these issues, Zero 4 still has alot of interesting tech involving the Z-Knuckle and EX Skills to keep it interesting as a run.

Noteable Information/Techniques:
Game Time - While it is the SDA standard to use game time for runs, game time is not used to compare runs due to certain factors making it inaccurate. Game time does not count pauses, most character dialog, and it slows down if the game lags. Despite this, game time will be used as a reference when comparing runs done on different versions (jpn vs english, console vs emulator, etc).

Combo System - Zero 4 contains a combo system much like Zero 3's, but simplified. A difference from Zero 3 is saber EX Skills now do fixed elemental damage instead of giving you the option between elemental or neutral if the EX Skill has elemental properties. These are the priority levels for the combo system (only Includes moves that matter in a run):
Level 1: Pea Shot
Level 2: Charge Buster/Saber/Z-Knuckle
Level 3: Double Slash
Level 4: Triple Slash, Ice Blade
Level 5: Flame Fang
Level 6: Sky Chaser

Junk Armor - Junk Armor is a major part of a Zero 4 run. It doubles the damage Zero deals and receives. With it, Zero can kill bosses and minibosses much faster and one shot most enemies. Downside is most things will kill Zero in 2-3 hits, which can be a problem when a damage boost needs to be done to save time. Obtaining Junk Armor requires creating Junk Head, Body and Foot from various parts that are dropped randomly with a few exceptions. These are the parts needed to create Junk Armor:
Junk Head
-Junk: Combine two parts that don't create a chip
-GlassCannon: Sol Titanion (Miniboss)
-SerpentGear: Fenri Lunaedge (Miniboss)
Junk Body
-S-Crystal: Create on its own
-GangaGun: Heat Genblem (Big drill enemy)
-Ceratanium: 1/2. Heat Genblem (Particle beam section)
Junk Foot
-Bombadeer: Popla Cocapetri (Enemy that is released by Mechameson when eyes are red)
-BeamWalker: Spawned by intro boss. Appears in Area Zero, Heat Genblem and Fenri Lunaedge (Green walker enemy)
-Moloid: Protect Settlement (Walking hammer enemy)

One of the parts needed for Junk Body is an S-Crystal, which is something that needs to be entirely created from scratch
-Faital: Heat Genblem (Cylinder enemy that rises from the ground and shoots fire from sides)
-Mechameson: Popla Cocapetri (Big purple cylinder enemy)
-V. Fire: Literally everywhere (First enemy you see in the game)
-Ceratanium: 2/2. Popla Cocapetri (Right before the boss door)

RNG Manipulation - RNG in Zero 4 functions exactly like in Zero 3 except the way cutscene skip works has been changed. Skipping a cutscene sets the RNG value to whatever the level timer is, meaning boss RNG technically changes every frame now.

Buster EX Skills - Zero 4 contains the two best buster EX Skills in the series, Time Stopper and Ice Javelin.
-Time Stopper does two different things. The first being it can freeze most enemies. Shooting an enemy with time stopper will stun it and disable its hitbox, meaning you can go through it safely. The second being it disables invincibility frames while it's touching an enemy. This is useful to use on minibosses to deal large amounts of damage with a single charge slash.

-Ice Javelin is a slow moving ice arrow shot that breaks apart as it hits enemies. Its slow speed is good for killing multiple enemies with a single shot if you line it up correctly and keep up with it. It also has a weird property on bosses. If you hit a boss with a point blank ice javelin, it will do a large amount of damage (31 damage while wearing Junk Armor on a boss weak to ice). This is useful on Mino Magnus and Pegasolta Eclair (Much harder to hit Pegasolta with it due to his habit of dodging attacks).

RTA Categories:
any% – Standard any%. Timer starts on New Game and ends on final hit of Dr. Weil.
any% (Hard) – Same as any%, except charge attacks for buster/saber and triple slash are disabled and all weather is set to hard meaning EX Skills cannot be obtained. Croire is also disabled.
S-Rank – Complete every stage with 96 or more points. If you go below 96, the run is no longer considered S-Rank.

Noteable Runners:
Darko -
Kuribon -

Tool Assisted Videos (TAS):
Mega Man Zero 4 in 37:07.48 by klmz -

Additional Resources:
Leaderboards -
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