NOTICE: Leaderboard Video Links Need Updating (Twitch Links)

For those that are unaware, several Twitch video links on the Leaderboards are no longer available. This is because with the addition of Chat Replays (which I am assuming is the cause), the old links to your PB highlights are now inactive. They are still in your highlights, but are now written in newer links that now make use of chat replays.

There are several times/videos that are affected by this change, so please check your current PBs in whatever game you run and see if one of your Twitch highlights is one of the affected times (shown in red). I would suggest if indeed one of your highlighted videos is gone from the leaderboards to see if someone (a game mod, if you can't do it yourselves) can make the noted changes by sending them the new links so they can updated them (if the mods don't mind). This way, they don't have to dig for the highlights if you choose to have the older links replaced with the newer ones.

Of course, if an admin or mod don't want to change the links, or if a runner don't want to send the new link, then that's fine since there are a good number of missing videos. The main thing is that I put this out there. Any other suggestions to take care of this issue would be welcomed.
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